Career Development Cell

Career Development Cell

Career Development Cell is an exceptional fragment of VGI, where we emphasis on overall development of an individual above academics.

Highly Qualified Trainers of CDC regularly conduct seminars and workshops on Personality Development,Behavioral Skills, Etiquette and Manners, Career Planning, Effective Communication Skills, Resume building and Interview Techniques. The body of CDC comprises of more than 50 highly qualified trainers.We have intended demand driven curriculum, meeting the needs of level of students keeping in mind the requirements of the corporate arena. Regular sessions are conducted in all the Faculties of the University to instill the designed curriculum.

Vision & Mission

Vision-The vision of Career Development Centre is to increase the employability skills of our students at institutional and industrial level. We also envisage to polish “rough edges of raw-diamonds” & present before the globalized arena developed personalities who shall endeavor to contribute to the growth of excellence & innovation in their professions, society and the country.

Mission-Mission of Career Development Centre is to groom & transform today’s ambitious student into highly competent work-professional & responsible citizen of our country by promoting awareness about “Competency in English Language & Soft Skills in 21st Century Workplace” among the student fraternity and to instill work-ethics & set values in our students to succeed in Academics & Work.