Introduction To Computer Science

As implied by the name, Computer Science Engineering will let you know about how computers work. Here, you’ll learn about various computers programming languages, algorithms and coding.

Computer Science Engineering (CSE) encompasses a variety of topics that relates to computation, like analysis of algorithms, programming languages, program design, software, and computer hardware.

Computer Science engineering has roots in electrical engineering, mathematics, and linguistics. In the past Computer Science was taught as part of mathematics or engineering departments & in the recent days it has emerged as a separate engineering field.

Talking about its application, COMPUTERS are everywhere, whether it is our mobile phones or simply a petrol vending machine. It would be unfair to state it as one of the fastest growing sectors; instead it should be termed as a sector growing at the speed of light.

Scope of CSE

Nowadays, computers are everywhere. If somehow somewhere a physical computer is not present but somehow, it is present. Complicated statement? We can, in simple language, term computers as Omnipresent.

To cope up with this frequently upgrading technology, role of computer science engineers is imminent. As scientists and visionaries give a theoretical concept and then it is an engineer’s duty to execute it as desied.


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Computer Science and Engineering

Year of Establishment- 2010
UG Intake: 60
PG intake: 24
Alumni: 250+